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Informative about the privacy and the treatment of the personal data

Kind customer, we wish to inform you that the Decree legislative n° 196 of the 30 June 2003 (code in matter of protection of the personal data) previews the protection of the persons and other subjects concerning the treatment of the personal data. This document describes the way in which they are dealt the data supplied by you the web site. According to the indicated norm, such treatment will be imprinted to the principles of correctness, legality, transparency and protection of your confidentiality and of your rights.
According to the article 13 of the Decree Legislative 196/2003, we inform you about the following information:

1.Purpose of treatment.
The personal data and, eventually, sensitive supplied by you at the moment of the demand for intermediation and property advising, they are dealt you for the following determined, explicit and legitimate purposes, and used you in compatible operations with the following scopes:
a) directly connected purposes and instrumental to the accomplishment of the intermediation services and property advising demands by you through the web site www.dvcase.it, as to concur the necessary administrative and book keeping management of the relationships that derive;
b) purposes connected to the implementation of law obligation; the collected data therefore and deal from the De Vincenzi CaseS.r.l. (titular of the De Vincenzi Case brand and, therefore, and indicated as De Vincenzi Case) they are used and conserved exclusively for aforesaid purposes and the closely necessary period  to their persecution and however not advanced to the 30 days from the date of  stipulation of the public action (except the eventual obligation and implementations set up from the law time after time in force) and in the respect of the principles and the rules established from the norm of the privacy.

2.Modality of the treatment.
The treatment of the supplied data will carried out with the means informatics and papery, so as to guarantee the security and the confidentiality, with means able to preventing the risk of loss or destruction, access non-authorized or treatment not allowed, that is lesion to integrity or the confidentiality of the data. In particular, the data will be deal through they collection, acquisition, recording, organization, conservation, elaboration, use, consultation, eventual modification, transmission, cancellation and everything is useful and necessary for the management of the carried out negotiations. The management of the data collected from De Vincenzi Case will be carried out from the responsible of the treatment. During access to the treatment of the data supplied from the holder, it is used a system of computer science authentication that will allow to verify and confirm in sure way and univocal the identity of he who enters the processors and to all the instruments software used to aforesaid aim. Such systems of authentication are subject to generation procedures, use, guard, modernization and destruction according to enforced norm.

3.Measures and guarantee of the exercise of the rights.
 The holder will be able, in every moment, to approach, to integrate, to cancel, to modernize the own personal data as previewed of article 7 of the decree legislative 196/03. To reduce lessened the risks of destruction and/or loss of the personal data as well as protect the electronic systems use and to preserver these one from eventual not allowed accesses are adopted suitable procedures and adequate you to control systems of the security with monitoring and constant modernizations, even in relation to the acquired acquaintances based on the technical progress.

4.Nature of the bestowal of the data.
The data transmitted by you at the moment of the demand for intermediation and property advising and deal by De Vincenzi Case are about personal identifying data, deliveries, also telephone and coordinated of e-mail, and other data however exclusively for the development of the contractual relationship. The compilation of the data demands from the fields indicated as “obligatory”, at the moment in which you would like to carry out a reservation, is indispensable; the lacked compilation renders impossible to carry out the distribution of intermediation services and property advising. The compilation of the data demands from the fields does not indicate to you like obligatory, it is instead optional, and theirs lacked communication  will not prevent in any case the distribution of intermediation services and property advising.

5.Communication of the data to subjects thirds party.
The collected data could be communicate to subjects thirds party which professional studies and/or society that they distribute to De Vincenzi Case determines book keeping, fiscal services and/or lawyers, that is others, as well as in order to acquit to the lawyers obligation, administrative and fiscal who derive. The conferred data will not be used, except preventive and expressed consent of having right, for the shipment of correspondence or communications not closely inherent to the services demands or acquiring.

6.Links external towards other web- site.
The Internet site www.dvcase.it contains links and others world wide web sites. These web-sites ones are supplied from  subject thirds party different from De Vincenzi Case, which is not responsible for their accessibility on the net and for their contents, not even for the protection of privacy and the respect of the enforced law. In this a way the risks of the connection to other web sites, realized through aforesaid links, are completely at expense the customer. We are not therefore in no way responsible of the actions
 and of the security of these thirds party, which they do not share with us any information about you.

7.Holder and responsible of the treatment
The holder and responsible of the treatment is:
Roberto De Vincenzi - Via Dora, 2 - 00198 Roma e MDV Srls - Via Arno, 51 - 00198 Roma

8.Additional information on the privacy.
For every other relative information about the protection of yours privacy, we invite you to send a e-mail to info@dvcase.it or to transmitted us a telefax to +390685800910, +390685302340.

9.Right of access to the personal data and other rights
Art. 13 Decree Legislative 196/2003
 In every moment it will be able to exercise your rights towards the holder of the treatment, according to the article 7 of the Decree Legislative 196/2003, that for your comfort we reproduce integrally:
1. The party concerned has the right to obtain the personal confirmation of existence or less of the personal data about him/her, even if not still record, and their communication in intelligible shape.
2. The party concerned has straight to obtain the indication about:
a) the origin of the personal data;
b) the purpose and modality of the treatment;
c) the logic applied in case of treatment carried out with the aid of electronic instruments;
d) the identified data of the holder, about the responsible and the representative designated according to the article 5, codicil 2;
e) the subjects or the categories of subjects to which the personal data can be communicated  in quality of representative designated in the territory of the State, of responsible or people in charge.
3. The party concerned  has the right to obtain:
a) the modernization, the rectification that is, if you desire, the integration of the data;
b) the deletion, the transformation in anonymous shape or the block of the data dealt in law violation, even those of which are not necessary the conservation in relation to the aims for which the data have been collected or subsequently dealt;
c) the attestation that the operations of which to letters a) and b) have been known, evem about their content, to those people whose data have been communicated or diffused, except the case in which this implementation is impossible or it involved a employment of enormous means towards the protected right.
4. The party concerned has the right of oppose himself, about everything or just in part:
a) for legitimate reasons to the treatment of the personal data about him/her, because pertinent to the aim of the collection;
b) to the treatment of personal data about him/her in order to the conveyance of advertising or direct selling or for the fulfilment of market researches or trade communication.

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