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1. Introduction

This web-site is of property of Roberto De Vincenzi, MDV s.r.l.s (holder of the brand De Vincenzi Case and, therefore, jointly called “Owner”), he who modernizes the content. The Owner reserves the right to modify to own discretion the web-site. Because of the activity of modernization of the content, the Owner could made variations about the following things for the regulation of the web-site. The customer who will not accept the foresaid new conditions is not invited subsequently to visit the web-site subsequently to these changes; the contrary behaviour will be thought which concluding acceptance of the new conditions. The Owner reserves all the rights of copyright, the licences on marks and certificates, the intellectual rights and all the other rights of property about the information contained in this web-site.

2. Limitations of the use of the web-site

For the access to this web-site it is not necessary to pass through any process of recording. It is possible to enter to the web-site and to use the contained information on the base of the conditions described here, without no limit of temporal nature. However the Owner reserves the right to suspend or to finish the access without warning and anytime. Moreover the Owner does not assume any responsibility in case of losses or damages in which the customer could incur as a result of out of order or interruptions in the connection, or turning out from errors or lack from the subjects which have contributed to the realization of the web-site, or still deriving from other problems about the entrance (or the impossibility to access) or about the use of the information. All the material supplied by the web-site belongs to the Owner. Any copy or downloading of the information on the web-site transfers to the customer any title it or licence about these information. In particular, if a information of this web-site is subordinate to a process of downloading, the customer is not allowed to eliminate or to hide copyright or other rights contained in these information and however to alter the same information.

3. Guarantees and responsibility

The information in this web-site are supplied from the Owner in order to promote the own services of intermediation and real estate advising. The owner doesn’t release no guarantee about the web-site, whose services are supplied if available, in this way the owner does not assure the exactness, the punctuality, the completeness and the performance of the web-site and the eventual result obtained from the customer in order to the use of the system or the data (example: demand for information about a real estate) The owner does not assume any responsibility and doesn’t release no guarantee about that the content of the web-site is lacking of errors, that the defects will correct or that the web-site or the server that make it available will be lacking of virus or others harmful members for the system, even if it will be his/her cure to avoid and to correct errors, as well as protect the system and the customers with adapted diligence. In particular, the Owner is not responsible or pursued for eventual losses or damages caused to the customers after the entrance to the web-site.

4. Use of the links

The web-site could contain some links and others world wide web sites. These web-sites are supplied by subjects thirds party towards the owner who, therefore, is not responsible for their accessibility on the net and for their contents. In this way the risks of the connection to other web-sites through these links are completely at expense of the customer.

5. Privacy

As any other connection to Internet, the customers of this web-site could be intercepted or recorded by subjects thirds party; in this way the individuals and the organizations that enter to the web-site, risk violations about the own privacy for which they will not be able to think responsible the Owner. 6. Applicable law. The conditions described here are from agreeing regulated in agreement with the Italian law. The information supplied in this web-site are not distributable or usable by persons or institutions of Countries or jurisdictions in which these distribution or use they could be against the laws and the regulations.

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